'Let's Go Walkies' Norwich

'Let's Go Walkies' Norwich

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Read my answers to pet owners’ frequently asked questions and learn more about ‘Let’s Go Walkies’ Norwich. Feel free to get in touch for further inquiries and book a service.

When will I meet my dog walker/pet sitter? 

I will come to you for a 30-minute free consultation at a mutually agreed time to meet you and your pet(s). I will go through a brief questionnaire with you about the commands you use, their behaviour, etc.

How many dogs will be with my dog on a walk? 

I currently will walk no more than five dogs at a time, so I am in full control of the pack. If, however, your pet does not like to be with other animals, I can offer solo walks in a quieter area.

Will my dog be allowed off the lead?

When I first walk your dog, I will keep them on a retractable lead until I get to know them and they get to know me. It is ONLY when I feel confident they will recall to me, that I will let them off the lead. I generally reinforce behaviour through giving treats and praise. I like to mirror your preferred style of training, to ensure continuity and avoid confusion.

Are you fully insured?

I am insured through Petplan Sanctuary for dog walking and pet sitting and can provide you with a copy of the schedule should you require.

Can you board my animals overnight or whilst I am away?

Unfortunately, no. I do not hold a licence to board animals on my own property. This may be something I could consider in the future.

My dog has not been spayed or neutered. Can he/she still be walked?

Yes they can. However, this is subject to discussion at our consultation. ‘Let’s Go Walkies’ Norwich has the right to refuse any dog if there is a safety concern.

Do you walk bitches that are in season?

Unfortunately, I do not walk your pet if she is in season, as I could not guarantee that she would not receive any unwelcome attention from other dogs.

My dog can sometimes be aggressive and has to wear a muzzle. Can you still walk him/her?

Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate your pet if they are aggressive towards others. The safety of the other animals, the public and myself needs to be considered.

What if my pet is hurt whilst in your care?

In the unlikely event of any emergencies, I will make every effort to contact you immediately. Depending on the situation, I can take your pet to his or her own veterinary clinic or the nearest one available.

Will you let me know how my pet is throughout the booking?

Of course! I love to give you feedback on how their day went. I will send you pictures and a brief overview of what we did during the booking. As my business grows, I may not always contact you as the walk occurs, however, I will definitely update the Facebook page for your viewing pleasure :0)

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer a loyalty card membership scheme. If you sign up for 10 sessions, then you earn a FREE SESSION. In addition to this, if you recommend a friend who ALSO signs up for 10 sessions, then you receive ANOTHER FREE SESSION. This applies to all services offered.